The IKON Academy

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of IKON Academy, your one-stop destination for interactive learning and valuable resources, all conveniently located in one easily navigable online space. 

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As we eagerly anticipate the IKON Academy launch, your dedicated hub for online learning and invaluable resources, we’re driven by a clear ‘Why.’ Inspired by Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, we passionately craft our platform to address a critical need — providing you continuous access to valuable resources. 


To empower ongoing learning and enhance skills to expertly manage workplace conflicts and challenging behaviours. Safeguard your teams, ensuring efficiency in the ever-evolving world of conflict resolution.    


Crafted by our innovative team at IKON Training, the IKON Academy is your user-friendly hub for conflict resolution and managing challenging behaviour training. It offers: 

  • Accessible Learning: Continuous access to resources for ongoing development. 
  • Multimedia Demonstrations: Visual and interactive content for enhanced understanding 
  • Actionable Resources: Practical materials applicable to your workplace. 
  • Skills Refresher: Stay at the forefront with a chance to refresh your skills. 


Our accredited trainers and learning experts have translated courses into helpful guides, interactive assets, engaging video demonstrations, and empowering post-course resources, accessible anywhere, on any device.  

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