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    IKON Training believes in a world where every individual has the right to feel safe and confident in their place of work.

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    By empowering people across a range of industries to feel safer and more confident, and providing them with the skills to manage conflict – IKON is helping to create a more positive and productive workplace, and ultimately, a better community for everyone.

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    The impact of our work equips our clients with valuable knowledge and empowers them with the skills that help them reduce and manage challenges confidently.

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    With a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities businesses face in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing landscape, our team continue to guide and empower, one life-changing training program at a time.

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    Sector-specific training

    IKON Training exists to make a positive impact on the lives of people in frontline roles – those who are often faced with challenging behaviour in the workplace.

    Our skill in helping people learn to manage challenging behaviour in the workplace has made us one of the leading conflict resolution and conflict management specialist training providers in the UK.

    The high quality of IKON Training’s conflict resolution courses is renowned across the sectors in which we work: Education and Further Learning, Facilities Retail and Leisure, Health and Social Care, Local Authority and Housing, NHS, and Transport.

    We work with more than 80 NHS Trusts and healthcare providers, for example, and are the approved Children’s Services supplier for Suffolk County Council.



    Trusted & Certified

    IKON Training services have been certified by the BILD Association of Certified Training as complying with the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards. IKON is recognised by the Institute of Conflict Management (ICM) as a Quality Award Centre. The ICM sets the standards in the delivery of conflict management training. All our courses are nationally accredited. IKON Training have cyber essentials certification.

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    It’s the IKON way

    Feeling safe and confident at work has never been more important. Our skill in helping people learn to manage challenging behaviour in the workplace has made us one of the UK’s leading conflict resolution and conflict management specialist training providers.

    We are committed to supporting your people to learn and perform at their best wherever they are.

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    Delivery methods

    IKON Live,
    live online training

    Our effective remote communications training enables your people to get the training they need wherever they are, with a dedicated live IKON trainer.


    Many of our courses, especially those with physical skills, can be delivered in a face-to-face in-person training environment, either at your venue or ours.

    Train the

    IKON’s train the trainer service enables your team to deliver empowering motivational and insightful training that builds confidence and trust with their colleagues.

    Empowering People Together

    The impact of our work equips our clients with valuable knowledge and empowers them with the skills that help them reduce and manage challenges confidently. We do this through:

    – Sector-specialist trainers employed by us

    – Modular courses tailored to your needs

    – Preparation for and support through inspections

    – Comprehensive audit trails

    – Thorough post-course reports

    – Regular professional feedback and advice

    – Next-stage recommendations

    Find out more about us

    Watch the team discuss the features of our IKON Live, live online training platform.

    We listen to our clients

    • We have been working with IKON since 2018 and have never had any issues or complaints. The team always speaks highly of the training managers. The training received helps the team deliver on some difficult, challenging situations. One of the team's main roles is to keep people safe, whether nurses, patients, or visitors. The training provided helps the security team achieve that.

      Yameem Choudhry, Head of Operations, Security South

      Carlisle Support Services

    • Just wanted to ping over some validation following the recent de-escalation training held in London, we had a couple of unpleasant incidents take place in Oxford Street over the weekend and the way the team dealt with it at the moment was honestly faultless!

      There was no confusion or lack of confidence, a Supervisor approached the challenging individuals and calmly asked them to leave the store, afterwards the whole team checked in with each other and it didn't impact the day whatsoever.

      Manager, Health and Safety Team


    • Fantastic course, really helpful, the trainers had so much experience in this field, they could answer and queries we had. Really enjoyed it, thank you.

      Course delegate,
      Suffolk County Council

    • Very informative and fun way to learn, good balance of theory and practical demonstrating effective practices to safeguard myself my patients and their families and friends.

      Marie Curie

    • Merseyrail has been working for IKON for almost ten years. IKON has developed programmes around conflict resolution and Travelsafe. Their delivery methods, adaptability, professionalism and knowledge in this area has allowed us to achieve our lowest passenger accident rate ever.

      Daniel Dale,
      Competency Training Manager, Merseyrail

    • ... the professionalism, the experience and the knowledge shown by IKON Training was first class. They understood our needs and promptly developed a programme of training which we rolled out to over 120 hospital-based staff.

      Colchester Provide CIC

    • Great trainer, humorous, attentive, knowledgeable, great pace. Learnt a lot. Good to refresh sections after each task. Practical was excellent too. Very, very good indeed!

      Plymouth City Council

    • Very good course/trainers. Best training of this kind I have been on. Very enjoyable, very interactive & engaging.

      J Potsford, Potsford Care Services

    • The course was great fun and very informative, would highly recommend.

      Merseyrail Transport

    • Thank you. Best training we’ve had delivered.

      Suffolk One

    • I have worked in the NHS for over 20 years and this was hands down the best conflict resolution training I have had. Thank you.

      King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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      Kathryn O'Byrne
      Kathryn O'Byrne
      A very interesting and informative course that was tailored well for the differing needs/ roles of the participants. Thank you!
      Helen Clark
      Helen Clark
      Informative and helpful delivery of the training. The host was engaging and listened to the attendees with great respect and enthusiasm. Guided us towards external links which will enable us to improve our role. Many thanks.
      Razvan Goldum
      Razvan Goldum
      Great experience with ICON TRAINING.
      Charlie Morris
      Charlie Morris
      Alfie was very knowledgeable and presented the training really well!
      Alex Nuttall
      Alex Nuttall
      Really interesting and engaging training. I learnt so much and would 100% attend another IKON training.

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