Health & Social Care Safety Pod Training

Course outline

Introducing the Safety Pod, bespoke safety equipment crafted to provide a safer alternative to excessive restrictive practices. Specifically designed to support individuals in vulnerable situations, you’ll explore how the Pod can be employed to proactively used to prevent incidents and utilised as a de-escalation strategy when behaviour increases.

Endorsed by leading industry experts and backed by medical support, the Pod ensures safety during necessary actions, promoting person-centred care while upholding human rights. The Safety Pod has significantly reduced injuries. In some settings, it has completely eradicated the need for restrictive interventions. Elevate safety standards with the innovative and endorsed Safety Pod.

Prerequisite: Learners must have received training within the past year covering approved physical intervention techniques for effective Safety Pod use.

IKON Trainers receiving advanced training from Palkesh Dalbar from UK Pods.

Suggested attendees

All frontline staff and those facing challenging and aggressive behaviour.

This Health & Social Care Safety Pod training course is aimed at all staff including:

  • All new employees.
  • Frontline staff.
  • All staff facing challenging and aggressive behaviour.

Course content

Understanding Behaviours that Challenge

  • Exploring Experiences: Real-life scenarios to understand challenging behaviours.
  • Identifying Causes, Triggers and Changes in Behaviour:
  • Pinpoint factors contributing to behavioural challenges.

De-escalation Skills

  • Utilising Communication Skills: Techniques for prevention and de-escalation.
  • Person-Centred Distraction/Diversion Strategies: Strategies for vulnerable situations.

Responsibilities and Guidelines

  • Policies and Procedures: Navigate organisational policies.
  • Legislation and Risks: Explore laws and evaluate risks.
  • Post-Incident Reviews: Learn effective review processes.
  • Reporting and Recording: Procedures for documenting interventions.

Physical Skills

  • Positive Stance and Positioning: Emphasise positive body language.
  • Balance Displacement Techniques: Master techniques for safe relocation.
  • Restraint and Clinical Holding: Application guidelines.
  • Foreseeable Risk and Medical Implications: Identify potential risks.

Safety Pod

  • Introducing: Explore design and purpose.
  • Moving and Handling: Safe Safety Pod techniques.
  • Uses: Understand versatility.
  • Restrictive Interventions: Implement safe practices.
  • Scenarios: Apply knowledge in practical situations
  • Maintenance: Understand care

By the end of this course your team will be able to:

  • Gain insight into the Safety Pod’s evolution and background.
  • Navigate the legal framework for physical skills.
  • Identify proactive options of use for the Safety Pod.
  • Demonstrate Safety Pod applications in your setting.
  • Recognise risks and medical implications of restrictive practices.

At the end of this course your team will receive:

  • A certificate of attendance.
  • Access to a dedicated delegate resource area via IKON Academy.
  • Duration 1 Day

  • Delegates 12 Max

Delivery methods


Many of our courses, especially those with physical skills, can be delivered in a face-to-face in-person training environment, either at your venue or ours.

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IKON’s train the trainer service enables your team to deliver empowering motivational and insightful training that builds confidence and trust with their colleagues.

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