Train the trainer

Train the trainer

We can teach your people to deliver practical training.

When you require your in-house team to learn course content and delivery, we can help.

Our trainers have a deep and thorough understanding of their sectors and are experts at passing skills and enthusiasm to others.

IKON’s train the trainer service will enable your team to deliver in-house motivational and insightful training that builds confidence and trust within your organisation.

Benefits of Train the Trainer:

  • Increased efficiency and value
  • Support from IKON’s experienced trainers
  • Engaging material for active learning and retention
  • Peer reviews will be conducted to ensure development

We become an extension of your team 

IKON will produce all content and materials required to deliver your in-house training. Our trainers will become an extension of your team, enabling resilience and consistency to teach your training program if needed.

Find out more about the benefits of train the trainer

Read our blog to find out the benefits of train the trainer.

If you’d like to know more about providing your staff with flexible, engaging professional training, register your interest and we’ll get back to you soon

To undertake the training, learners are required to have, or be working towards, a Level 3 Award in Education and Training. Watch the video from the Training Director regarding the pre-requisite. 

Train the trainer process


  • Proposal agreed and booking form sent
  • Course dates scheduled and learner register requested
  • Learners receive joining instructions from IKON Training
  • IKON completes bespoke lesson plan
  • IKON train the trainer digital evaluations completed
  • Digital certificate of attendance and course resources sent to learners
  • Peer review booked, register, evaluations and course synopsis sent within 5 working days

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We listen to our clients

  • We decided on a Train the Trainer approach and had the pleasure of working with James as our trainer. His approach, knowledge (and patience!) was really appreciated and helped the team immensely in learning new skills and techniques. Support following the programme is excellent. The impact the change has made to our training is pretty impressive. Moving from a chalk and talk one size fits all approach to CRT, we now have two levels of practical training based on levels of risk. Feedback on the programmes is always positive, attendance has increased significantly and our trainers are delivering training that they enjoy as they receive great feedback from the staff attending our courses.

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    Head of Leaning & Development

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