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Enhancing Children’s Services: The Revolutionary Impact of The Safety Pods
Transforming Safe Environments for Children's Homes and Beyond

Posted: January 30, 2024, ,

IKON Trainers receiving advanced training from Palkesh Dalbar from UK Pods.

In the intricate landscape of Children’s Services, where safety and exceptional care are paramount, IKON Training proudly introduces the Safety Pod alongside our training — a revolutionary stride in ensuring the wellbeing of support staff, residential care workers, and children in care. 

Discover the Safety Pod: A Safer Alternative  

Imagine this: A secure alternative to restrictive practices in Children’s Homes, the Safety Pod isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a commitment to uphold a person-centred approach. This critical tool is meticulously designed to respect and safeguard human rights, endorsed by medical professionals and proven to significantly reduce injuries and eliminate restrictive interventions in various settings. 

Empowering Training Courses for Impactful Change 

Our commitment extends beyond introducing the Safety Pod; we offer comprehensive training courses tailored for those handling this transformative tool and individuals seeking Managing Challenging Behaviour training. Dive into topics such as: 

– Exploring behaviours that challenge 

– De-escalation skills and person-centred distraction/diversion strategies 

– Procedural, environmental, and legal responsibilities 

– Physical skills for holding and relocating individuals safely 

– In-depth knowledge of the Safety Pod, its uses, and potential medical implications 

Completing these courses equips your team with technical proficiency and a profound understanding of the legal framework, ensuring they can confidently navigate complexities while prioritising safety. 

Creating Safe Environments Across Sectors 

Educational settings: The Safety Pod redefines secure and calming environments, reducing the need for physical restraint and promoting safety for students and staff alike. 

Healthcare: Offering a lifeline for patients exhibiting challenging behaviours, the Safety Pod minimises the risk of injury during medical emergencies, ensuring a safe space for assessment and treatment. 

Social Care: In moments of crisis, the Safety Pod provides a secure space for de-escalation and emotional support, safeguarding individuals and caregivers. 

Act Now for Safety and Empowerment 

Learners from Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust, Imperial College London, Suffolk County Council Children’s Services unanimously rate the Safety Pod training as a 5-star experience. 


It’s your turn to act—prioritise safety and empower your team today. 

Click here to read the Safety Pod Course Outline for Children’s Services.

Click here to read the Safety Pod Course Outline for Education.

Connect with us at 01473 927333 | [email protected].  


Photo of James Crown with a navy shirt standing in front of brick wall. 

Written by James Crown, Training & Development Manager at IKON Training   

James has over twenty years of experience in training and development.   

With a background as a Personal Safety and Physical Trainer for Suffolk Constabulary, James is committed to using his real-life experience to continually review, adjust, and enhance new and current training programs.   

He ensures the health, safety, and well-being of all program participants and leads the IKON team to minimise the use of restrictive practices.   

James encourages a vibrant, interactive, and rewarding learning environment, making him a people person dedicated to providing knowledgeable and engaging programs. 

Connect with James on Linked In 


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